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Dagorhir is everywhere you want to be! Dagorhir Chapters span much of the United States, from Washington, DC to California, from Michigan to Florida.  Dagorhir Chapters vary organizationally, ranging from Kingdoms to loose confederations of "tribes" depending on the local chapter, its history and its membership. Chapters vary widely  in size, age, interests,  membership and geography, but a common interest in Dagorhir unites us all.  Dagorhir includes a vast nationwide membership, and we encourage new members.  If there is no chapter near you, we will help you start one with advice, experience, enthusiasm, publicity, and weapon/costume designs.

Below is a list of established Chapters whose memberships range from twenty into the hundreds.

Below that is a new list of individuals and/or groups of friends in various places who have expressed an interest in starting new Chapters.  Many of these are just starting out, so don't be disappointed if they only have a few members so far. They're waiting for you to boost their ranks!

At the bottom of this page we provide information on starting a Dagorhir Chapter and having your site advertised on this web page. Please click on the link or scroll down to the bottom of this page for additional information.  


NorthEast Great Lakes SouthEast SouthWest MidWest Rocky
                                Mountains Pacific
                                SouthWest Pacific
                                NorthWest Off the
                                Mainland Off the Mainland

Bulleted groups are fighting "Units" within Chapters


Aratari- Washington, DC Metro Area

Angaron - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Taurendor - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Mordarth
  • The Order of Tauren
  • Rogin
  • Urk Kuldar
  • Gladii Valoras
  • Paladins of Taurendor
  • The Sons Of Gaia
  • Wikkid Tribe

Anvard - Westfield, MA

  • Anchor and Anvil Company (RI)
  • of the White Hills (NH)
  • Dragonsworn (NH)
  • Green Hilted Swords (VT)
  • Knights of Steel (MA)
  • Nod (MA)
  • Oakthorn (MA)
  • Northern Blades (CT)
  • Pelin Calenlant (CT)
  • Tír na nÓg (NY)

Tartarus Invictus - Buffalo, New York

Lostwithiel - Utica and Rome, New York

  • Kingdom of Stanislaus
  • Kingdom of Newgarrd
  • Lost Home

Pirates of the Apocalypse - McKeesport, Pennsylvania

Novi Antiqi - New York, New York

  • Avalon
  • Death Dealers
  • Kingdom of DragonWynd
  • Nephilim

The Black Tower - Clarksburg, West Virginia

Azure Demons- Clay,West Virginia

Winterfell - Rochester, New York

Maethodoron - Indiana, Pennsylvania

  • Bloodsail Buccaneers
  • Nightstalkers
  • The Fellowship

Ithaca - Clairton, Pennsylvania

N.O.D. - Wilmington, Delaware

  • Urk Kuldar
  • House of Renor'ath
  • Klytorian Guard
  • Mayhem Company

Denuvald- State College, Pennsylvania

Heroes for Hire - Conowingo, Maryland

Regnum Solaureus - Charlottsville, Pennsylvania

The Reach - Easton, Pennsylvania

Asgard - Warren, Pennsylvania

Barenheim - Pheonixville, Pennsylvania

Knights Hollow - Croydon, Indiana

R'Leh- Anderson, Indiana

Phoenix Rising - Charlston, West Virginia

The Ebontide - Montville, Connecticut

Knor - Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

Adiron - Ramsen, New York

En Carad Dae - Crawfordsville, Indiana

Nordanmork - Portland, Maine

Arthedain - Dover, Ohio

Great Lakes

Einherjar - Northeastern Ohio

A Trass Baidel - Tiffin, Ohio

Corvalin, Dayton, Ohio

Militia - Tecumseh, Michigan

Rivendell - Columbus, Ohio

Eryndor - Toledo, Ohio, Oakland/Monroe, Michigan

Outlands- Adrian, Michigan

Eventyr - Grand Haven, Michigan

Antioch - Newport, Michigan

Realm of Chaos - Waterford, Michigan

The Realm of Middle Earth

  • Territory of Endor - Danville, Illinois
  • Territory of Lonely Mountain - Olney, Illinois
  • Territory of Laurelad - Macomb, Illinois
  • Territory of Morgul - Taylorville, Illinois
  • Territory of Border Lands - Lincoln, Illinois
  • Territory of Dunharrow - Findlay, Illinois
  • Territory of Valverde - Chillicothe, Illinois
  • Territory of Fiery Nights - Racien, Wisconsin
  • House Neraka
  • The Order

Byzantium - Carbondale, Illinois

Wildwood - Chicago, Illinois

Land Between the Lands

Bloodpool - Highland, Indiana

The Outsiders - Yorkville, Illinois

  • Sarmatins

K'lar (Fellowship of Pahmoten) - Appleton, Wisconsin

Kingdom of Jeruselem (Fellowship of Pahmoten) - Appleton, Wisconsin

Efoloma Isemoo (Fellowship of Pahmoten) - Rockford Illinois

Greymist Legion - Batavia/Aurora, Illinois

Omengard - Alma Michigan

Lunar Guardians - White Lake, Michigan

The Kingdom of Arkon - Detroit, Michigan

Eruhin - Mequon, Wisconsin

Lothlorien - Cambridge, Ohio

Welcrie - Traverse City, Michigan

Galladorn – Cincinnati, Ohio

Kinsworn - Nashville, Indiana

Om Gwaith - Goshen, Indiana

Bloodladen Plateau - Lacrosse, Wisconsin

Northern Guard - Mason, Michigan

Valhalla - Anaconda, Wisconsin

Hearthhaven - Ingleside, Illinois

Sol Survivors - Auburn Hills, Michigan


The High Spires - Atlanta, Georgia

Albion - Columbia, South Carolina

Osyria - Bradenton, Florida

Fal'Dara - Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Anfalas - Tampa Bay, Florida

Luk Savat - Mobile, Alabama

Ravenwood - Joplin, Springfield, and Willard, Missour

Greyglade - Anniston, Alabama

Deadfall - Valley, Alabama

Swords of Valor - Tickfaw, Louisiana

Seregdor - Lafayette, Louisiana

Nan Elmoth - Jackson Purchase Area, Kentucky

The Empire of Ironthorn - Tullahoma, Tennessee

Sage Hill - Smyrna, Tennessee

Rochdór - Ashland, Kentucky

Ginnunga Gap - Pikesville, Kentucky

Rekkaheim - Glasgow, Kentucky

The Dead Marshes - Melbourne, Florida

Dragon Coast - Plantation, Florida

Polytopia - Orlando, Florida

Angmar - Bradenton, Florida

Kuckema Neinhyde - Engelhard, North Carolina

The Knightly Order of the Fiat Lux - Charlotte/Raleigh, North Carolina

Kargonia - Gaffney, South Carolina

Dark Moon - Cowpens, South Carolina

Jericho - Pensicola, Florida

Fauldenfell - Conway, Arkansas

Haven - Rolla, Missouri

The Band of the Hawk - Winston/Salem, North Carolina

Raetas Woles - Swan Quarter, North Carolina

Randir - Jacksonville, North Carolina

Akhataton- Florence, Kentucky

Gondor - London, Kentucky

Be'Lakor - Greer, South Carolina

Renor Strea - Carrboro, North Carolina

Canuar - Talahassee, Florida

Arogoth - Ft.Myers, Florida

Malcriris - Montgomery. Alabama

Imperio - Pleasantview, Tennessee

Avesta - Pleasentview, Tennessee

Antiva - Hendersonville, Tennessee

Luan Tir - Lehigh Achres, Florida

Eastwind - Aiken, South Carolina

Anduril - Ashland City, Tennessee

Rocky Mountains

Mordor - Loveland/Greeley/Ft. Collins, Colorado

  • Army of Mordor

Rowanoak - Denver, Colorado

Da Jhur Gah - Boulder, Colorado

Misty Mountains - Estes Park, Colorado

Cath Cruaite - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Halflands - Blackfoot, Idaho


Dominion of the Unconquered Sun - Grandview, Missouri

  • Myrkridian Infantry
  • Dark Armor
  • Night's Watch
  • Iron Wolves
  • Arcani

Lyonesse - Kansas City, Kansas

The Evil Empire - LaCygne, Kansas

The Pirate Ship Phoenix - Pittsburg, Kansas

The Hollows of the Foresaken - Shawnee, Kansas

Kingdom of the Crimson Dawn - Topeka, Kansas

Stormwrath - Wichita, Kansas

Nine Borithn - Paola, Kansas

  • Raurock
  • Greelic
  • The Children of Fall
  • Rougestone

Arminas of Nargothrond - Brookings, South Dakota

Centrawoven - Warrensburg, Missouri

Morwinyon - Bethany, Missouri

Stonewater Marches, Columbia - Missouri

501st Legion, Sedalia - Missouri

Minions of Chaos, Cassville - Missouri

Osgiliath, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

Wastelands - Minot, North Dakota

Agar Ithil Noore - Belle Fourche, South Dakota

Draugardor - Warsaw, Missouri

Sanctuary - Bolivar, Missouri

Isles of Adonai - Maryville, Missouri

Esgaroth - Lake St. Louis, Missouri

Vor Vollar Skepna - Springfield, Missouri

Thrace - Hiawatha, Iowa

Treefall - Mountain View, Missouri

Lead Mountain Alliance - Pevely, Missouri

Emberfield - Lawrence, Kansas

Bifrost - Fargo, North Dakota


Fugl Brenna - Phoenix, Arizona

Thangordrim - Kerrville, Texas

Alterra - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Midgar- Shawnee, Oklahoma

Knighthood of the Northern Star - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dragonreach - Crowley, Texas

Furia - Katy, Texas

Far Harad - Houston, Texas

Grim Sword - Manor, Texas

Illudar - Dallas, Texas

Rhun - Pearland, Texas

The Southlands - New Braunfels, Texas

Udun- Layton, Utah

Pacific Southwest

Aggelgorod - Los Angeles, California

Mallenorod - Northern California

  • The Valley Militia
  • The Western Guard

Westhammer- Modesto, California

Driekas- Marysville, California

Thoneryn- Redding, California

Barad'Dún - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • The Black Lions

Tel'nas - Pahrump, Nevada

Pacific Northwest

Mountie Militia - Coquitlam, B.C, Canada

Naggaroth - Edmonton, Canada

Calthanon - Medford, Oregon

Talinor - Bremerton, Washington

Nomehelinloote - Lapne, Oregon

Off the Mainland

The Kingdom of Elzwayr - Puerto Rico




Submit Chapter web pages to


Website and Chapter Policies

Dagorhir Unit web pages are also welcome and will be listed under their respective Chapter.  If you're interested in Starting a new Dagorhir Chapter, our website provides helpful advice and guidance. 

Please remember that running a Chapter entails being responsible to your membership, and ensuring their enjoyment of Dagorhir.  Remember too that no one owns a monopoly on Dagorhir in a given location.  Don't create a new Chapter for the wrong reasons. 

Please bear in mind that Dagorhir is a full contact sport.  Dagorhir® Battle Game Association, its management and membership, accept no legal responsibility for any injuries incurred by participants. 

Policy Statement

To legitimately license the registered Dagorhir® trademark, use Dagorhir rules, and receive advertising here for your Chapter and events is free. Just send your name, e-mail address, location, with two signed and notarized copies of the Dagorhir Chapter Contract and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

11714 Stonington Place
Silver Spring, MD, 20902

If you submit a Chapter page, or list yourself as a point of contact for your Chapter, we expect your page to meet the following criteria.  

  • Your page must promote Dagorhir®, making it very clear that you are a Dagorhir organization.  

  • Feature prominent links back to

  • Make certain that nothing on your page reflects poorly on Dagorhir or on Dagorhir members.  

  • Make sure that your page does not spread inaccurate information or misinformation.

In promoting you, we expect you to be promoting us.  If your page meets these qualifications, we will gladly link to you and welcome you into the rapidly growing Dagorhir community. 

For more information about starting a Dagorhir Chapter, please click here

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