Dagorhir Web Board Rules *Please Read Before You Post*

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Dagorhir Web Board Rules *Please Read Before You Post*

Postby Silk » Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:09 pm

Welcome to the Dagorhir Board. 

We hope you enjoy your stay here. The purpose of the Bulletin Board is the distribution and sharing of information, to promote and help Dagorhir and its members. Anything that doesn't fulfill that criteria doesn't belong here. So...

Read and follow the rules below!
Failure will result in the termination of your posting privileges!

Do not post personal attacks and/or offensive messages

Do not post topics that reflect poorly on Dagorhir members or groups, or divisive topics disruptive to Dagorhir.

Do not post about non-Dagorhir organizations or non-Dagorhir events. 

Do not post e-mail addresses, Myspace or FaceBook links, or any personal information in messages, profiles OR signature lines. Third parties have abused their privileges with misuse and spam. Chapter leaders and other responsible parties may post their @Dagorhir.com e-mail addresses to encourage communications with their Chapter.

There are also certain words that are censored on this board, if you happen to see an asterisked item in your post you have posted one of these censored words, and we would ask you to remove that item from your post immediately.

Words which are blocked by asterisks (****) on the Dagorhir Bulletin Board include cuss words which are considered inappropriate for our youth- and family-friendly organization and the names of companies or groups whose members or employees have repeatedly abused the rules of the Dagorhir board to advertise their organizations. 

Please don't post on the Dagorhir board inquiring for more information on why some words/names are banned; it's Dagorhir's policy to focus on the positive and not waste time talking about the negative.
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