The Great Turkey War 7! 11/19/2016

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The Great Turkey War 7! 11/19/2016

Postby Bro-Bro » Fri Sep 09, 2016 3:26 pm

The leaves on the trees around you are showing hints of color change. You think it is safe to travel. A branch snaps near you. You freeze in place hoping it’s nothing. Then the gobbling starts.

That’s right it’s time for The Great Turkey War 7!  :D :D

Time: 11/19/2016 from 10am-8pm
location: St. Peters Lutheran Church 4897 Old Oneida Rd Verona NY, 13478

Site opens 10 am
Weapons Check 11am
Warmup Battles Begin 12-1 (ice breaker battles gravy vs cranberry sauce etc.)
Main Battles Begin 1pm-330pm-

Hunt for your Food!- So there's a turkey out there you and your people are hungry gotta go catch him! A "turkey" will be roaming the battlefield he must be physically moved to each teams respawn in order for a team to score first team to 7 wins! you must walk with the turkey, he doesn't listen to what you have to say he will only follow you if he has someone with a hand on him (if you're not holding him tight enough hes gonna take off!) the battle resets after a team scores!

The Great Battle for Turkey River- you have succesfully captured your meals and are each returning home! as you cross the bridge that same opposing force has set up an ambush on Turkey River!!!! as this epic battle is raging the mother of all turkeys has come out of hiding and all he wants to do is kill everyone! This battle is two teams on a bridge trying to advance to the other side! after one team advances so far the rez point will shut off for the opposing force the team who makes it to the end must kill the remaining enemy force, and finally take down the Mother of all turkeys (who has an unknown health) he is surely the mother of all turkeys slay him and feed your families! (did i mention that while the bridge battle is going on the turkey will be off the side of the bridge dealing black damage!

The Fight For Grandmas house- you're sitting there with your families tired and beaten, eating enjoying your great awesome meal whe suddenly you hear it your neighbors are coming ready for battle to steal your meal and leave you starving! team will start inside a house with a "turkey" while another team will try to enter their cabin and steal their "turkey" the inside team has no respawns the outside team has unlimited respawns (we will run this four times each team defending twice and attacking twice) team with the longest defense wins(but who really cares)

Beserker Turkey!!!- beserker king with turkey hats!

Zombie Turkey!!!!!- one player starts off infected must kill another player infect them so on and so forth until everyone becomes infected

After battle is over we welcome you to come enjoy a catered feast presented by Lostwithiel Dagorhir, there will be plenty of prizes awarded and a 50/50 raffle! vending is permitted

Cost: 5 dollars per person for the day battle, 10 dollars per person for the catered feast and day board. there will be a family cap of 25 dollars (example Mom, dad, two kids= 25 bucks!)

to pre register please Paypal your name(s) and number of participants with corresponding money to:

Monsterhunterdreadsheep AT

more info to be posted thank you very much for your time we hope to see you in November!
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