Barenheim Games III

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Barenheim Games III

Postby Långhund » Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:55 am

Citizens of Dagorhir, Barenhiem is bringing you amusement, hoopla,and the chance to raise a rumpus. Presenting Barenheim's travelling affair The Barenheim Games.
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Re: Barenheim Games III

Postby Silk » Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:41 pm

If you post details I will put it on the calendar. I'm not navigating to FB for it based on the principal that there are still forum members that don't use Facebook.
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Re: Barenheim Games III

Postby Urdok » Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:16 am

Nov 12, Noon-6 PM

1300 Foulk Rd, Wilmington, DE 19803-2726

Join us for a day of Tournaments and contests of skill, strength, and speed! As usual the event is free!

The Barenheim Games is a unique event for us. The realm takes a break from battlefield scenarios in favor of unique tournaments and games complete with prizes for the victors! Some old traditions will be returning: the Gwaithalion Broken Field Foot Race, hurling, archery contests, and Mongolian wrestling will all take place.

But that's not all.

SKULL BALL will make it's triumphant return. Mix Jugger and Football, and you have an idea.

In addition, we're debuting two new events- the William Marshall Tournament and the Iron Bear Challenge.

William Marshall Tournament-

Teams will be based on households. If you have a large household, you'll have a large team. Yes, it's not fair. Deal with it. Each household will be assigned their own spawn point.

There will be two point heralds on opposite sides of the field.

There will be no combat within 10 feet of a point herald.

There will be no missile weapons in this game.

A fighter who is struck a killing blow in the torso is dead and may respawn at their spawn point.

Fighters who are struck in a limb are “stunned” and must drop to one knee. Fighters cannot be killed by hits to the limbs. A “stunned” fighter may be captured if there are no unit mates within 10 feet of them. A fighter is captured if a hostile fighter lays a weapon on them and says “you are captured.” A captured fighter will rise and walk with their captor, unless there is a hostile within 10 feet, in which case they will stop and take a knee again. A single fighter can escort any number of captured foes.

If a captor is slain or captured themselves, their captives will take a knee until recaptured. A fighter may rescue a friendly captive by laying a weapon on them and saying “you are released.”

When a captured fighter is brought to herald, they will be counted as a point for the captor’s team and may return to their spawn point and rejoin the game.

The team that wins is the team that captures the most enemies during the fighting.

The Iron Bear Challenge-

This is an open format tournament. It will be based on hits, rather than limbs/deaths. This means that each fighter will be able to take 3 hits before they are defeated. The effects of each hit WILL NOT be acted out. For example, if you are struck in the leg, call out HIT and continue to fight. Heralds will track your hits.

A fighter in armor, defined as a torso armor or four armored limbs, will be allowed one extra hit. A fighter wearing a helmet will be allowed one extra hit.

Blue and single green weapons will count as one hit. Red and double green weapons will count as two hits. Reds will break shields as normal.

We will still have plenty of standard dag fighting as well!
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Re: Barenheim Games III

Postby Sven Kolfinsson » Sun Oct 16, 2016 11:59 am

Teams will be based on households. If you have a large household, you'll have a large team. Yes, it's not fair. Deal with it.

Love it.  :D
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