Angaron 2017 Season Opener

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Angaron 2017 Season Opener

Postby Stormthroe » Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:22 pm

This Day-Battle will be held on Saturday, March 4th
South Park, Grove #92: Grant
Buffalo Dr, South Park Township, PA 15129

Link to event on Facebook. Feel free to share!

Hail, Dagorhirrim!

Angaron is the land of the Iron Mountains, and our symbol is the phoenix. Like the phoenix, we have risen again from the ashes and are growing anew!

Our realm is on a new path - one that will hopefully see us organized, growing, working together, stronger and more capable than ever. We are starting over, and the realm is back at its beginning stages all over again and we hope that in time she will shine again.

Rain or shine, snow or no - we hope to see you there!

Site opens for staff at 11:00am
Troll opens: 11:45am
Weapons check: 12:00pm
Pickup battles
Scenario battles: 1:00pm
We plan to get the area cleaned and finish up by about 6:00pm

Entrance fee: $3.00/person

Everyone will be required to sign waivers while checking in at Troll

Scenarios will be posted as soon as possible!

*Training for those new to the game will start at 12:00pm. We have a couple different fighters who have several years under their belt teaching, so if you just want to learn, feel free!
*Those new to the sport will not need garb for their first time out. We recently have had an influx of new fighters in the realm whom haven't yet acquired gear, so don't let that deter you! For others, garb is encouraged; show the new folk how we do!
*As a chapter, we have quite a few loaner weapons. If you have someone who wants to experience Dagorhir, but has no kit, bring 'em out and we will gear them up for the day!

Please note, this will be considered a dry event.
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