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Welcome to the new Dagorhir Board. We hope you enjoy your stay here. Please take time to read
the guidelines below. Remember that the purpose of the Bulletin Board is the distribution and sharing
of information, and to promote and help Dagorhir and its members. Anything that doesn't fulfill the
criteria doesn't belong here. Personal attacks and/or offensive messages will be removed. Topics that
reflect poorly on Dagorhir members or groups, or divisive topics and/or topics disruptive to the fabric
of Dagorhir shouldn't be posted on this board, and will be removed. This Board is one of Dagorhir's
prime points of contact with the public, and with future members of Dagorhir. Keep the discussion to
Dagorhir and related topics, i.e., not other games or LARPs or non-Dagorhir events held by non-
Dagorhir organizations.

NOTE: Due to misuse and spam by third parties, participants are not allowed to post their email
address in messages or in their signature lines. However, Chapter leaders and other responsible
parties may post their e-mail addresses to encourage communications with their

Take a minute to think about your message content before clicking the POST button!
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