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Postby Viccer » Sun Jun 12, 2016 9:50 pm

From Glorious Ragnarok's Head of Security:

Greetings Komrades!!!
We've got less than a week till a Great week of fighting and camping.
A few friendly reminders;

CAMP MASTERS your packets have been emailed to you. You have the info, pass it along to your camps. We will see you at the meeting 6pm first Sunday across from the Tavern.

Cars on site, all cars MUST be off site by 930pm after this saturday. No cars will be permitted on site after 8pm each evening.

Plan your arrivals accordingly.
If you show up after troll is closed at midnight you will not be allowed on site till it reopens at 8 am.

Period drinking vessels are a must!!
We've had issues before with broken glass across the sight. It is a major hazard. NO GLASS. Help eachother by not adding more hazards.

Help us in our efforts for a safe Ragnarok.
Join us in the Great Peoples of Ragnarok security shaq, give back to the thousands of people that come out.
It is greatly appreciated.

It gets dark, have a flashlight.
And batteries.

If you see a strange umbrella, report it to Bones. He's got ya covered.

It's everyone's responsibility to be safe.
Let's have a awesome Rag.

Ragnarok XXXI
Head of Security
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