Materials and Armor

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Materials and Armor

Postby TheStatistor » Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:41 pm

Two questions about armor construction:

The MoA states that metal armor can be constructed of: "iron, steel, bronze, brass, or copper, or titanium. Aluminum and other modern alloys are not allowed."

What exactly is meant by "other modern alloys"? Would that include stainless steel (invented in 1821)? I literally can't think of any other "modern alloy" that this could be referring to...

Confusing matters even more: Metallic titanium was purified almost a century after aluminum (1910 vs 1827).

the MoA states that "Armor may not be constructed of plastic or other non-period materials."

Does this mean that you can't use any plastic at all in the construction of armor, or just that the plastic itself does not count as armor? So, for example, could you have a metal helmet with (internally hidden) plastic clips and suspension hardware? Or a plastic base covered entirely with 3/16th leather?
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Re: Materials and Armor

Postby Sir James of Wakefield » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:50 am

1. I believe stainless steel is included in steel so it's allowed. I think the reason titanium is allowed is because it's supposed to represent mithril (light and prohibitively expensive).

2. Right, plastic may be used in construction but the plastic itself doesn't count as armor.
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