Spring cleaning in progress

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Spring cleaning in progress

Postby admin » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:34 pm

Good day Dagorhirrim,

As you're almost certainly aware, this forum has had its fair share of struggles when it comes to dealing with bots and spammers. Some changes were put in place to seal up holes and sentries were posted at the gates, things seem to be moving along better. The next step is clean-up. Some may have noticed the user count dropping. This is related to some ongoing maintenance we're performing to clean up after idle accounts and bot spam. We're hoping not to catch any actual users on accident, but if we do you have our apologies and are welcome to reregister. During this time, you may have also encountered deadlocks when trying to post new topics. Because of this, we'll be moving the remainder of the spring cleaning to the off-hours for your convenience.

To sum up the deleted accounts:

  • Activation email sent but never activated. Kinda obvious really, but if you don't check your email or activate your account, you couldn't have used it anyway.
  • Accounts with zero posts who have not logged in within the last year.

Thank you for your time and patience,

Dagorhir Web Team
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