Gates of Fire XI - April 28–30, 2017

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Gates of Fire XI - April 28–30, 2017

Postby Erekose of Gestiguiste » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:18 pm

Gates of Fire XI
Friday April 28 – Sunday April 30, 2017

Mountain Pines Campground
1662 Indian Creek Valley Road Champion, Pennsylvania 15622

The annual Gates of Fire spring inter-realm campout event is hosted by Gestiguiste. Building upon the work we did last spring, we are trying to improve your experience by utilizing more untapped amenities. To help ensure your good time, please read and follow the guidelines. Hopefully we have covered your areas of concern. However, if you have any questions, please post them on the Dagorhir Forum and we will be sure to respond posthaste. Thanks to the Mountain Pines staff, our volunteers and most importantly you. This is shaping up to be the best Gates of Fire ever!

Map Link:
Flyer Link:

Map Legend:
1. Event administration area, for check-in, feast and night-life.
2. Recommended for merchants to setup. (Possibly available to non-merchant campers as well.)
3. Main camping area.
4. Additional camping area. Fires are not permitted in this area!
5. Parking lot available for us.
6. Parking lot available for us.
7. Quiet camping area. (The area used last fall.)
8. Fighting field. There is a gentle slope, less of a slope higher up.
9. Bath house and dumpster. (The bath house has been improved since last fall and should meet our needs.)
10. Unavailable for use. No parking allowed.
11. Medic cabin.
12. Overflow parking.
13. Saturday evening Feast Hall.

Directions from PA Turnpike: Exit 91 Donegal - turn left onto Route 31 East. Go 2 miles and make a right onto Route 711 South at the blinking light, go 2 miles and the campground is on the left. GPS Coordinates: 40.033971, -79.305317

Timing: Only event staff onsite Thursday evening. Attendees begin arriving Friday 10am. If you arrive before then we may need to ask you to wait until check-in is ready for you. Attendees are expected to depart by Sunday Noon.

Cost: The cost for the event is $25 for ages 15-99, $10 for children ages 3-14 and free for Infants ages 0-2 or 100+. (Hey, either way you’re drooling on yourself and wearing diapers!) The event fee applies to all people 15+, regardless of when you arrive, whether or not you camp and whether or not you participate in fighting events or the feast.

Merchants: Merchants are encouraged to attend and merchant to their heart’s content, all for the low-low price of the standard entry fee. We welcome merchants to setup in the area marked as #2 on the map. The campground requires that all merchants have insurance. This offers a layer of protection for them, in the event of an accident.

Medics: The medic crew will be centrally located at area 11, in one of the primitive cabins.

Pets: No pets are allowed. (This of course excludes guide dogs, etc.)

Waivers: All attendees are required to have a waiver. Waivers for minors must have a notarized signature of a legal guardian. There must also be an adult onsite who will be responsible for minors at all times. (Click Here)

Tag Check: All attendees are expected to display their tag at all times, including every entrance and exit from the site.

Driving: The speed limit is 5 MPH. Please be respectful of other drivers, golf carts and pedestrians.

Parking: There should be ample parking in areas marked as 5, 6 and 7b. Do not park in Area 10. Do not park in your camp, on the street, etc. Do not block in any other vehicles. Area 7b will have some additional parking in the front.
Overflow Parking: Vehicles which will not be moved between Friday and Sunday may park in Area 12.

Camping: All tent sites in areas 2 and 3 have water and electricity. Areas 4 and 7 do not have water or electricity.
-Area 4 is best for people and groups that want to spread out a little and have their own separate area.
-Area 7 is reserved for low-noise camping only. It is intended for families and quiet-loving people.
-Area 7b is preferred for quiet camping, especially for those who want water and electricity.
-Area 7b may also be used for motor homes and campers. (Coordinate with campground and event.)

Fires and Firewood:
-No fires are allowed in area 4. Fire rings / pits may only be used in designated areas with fire rings or pits.
-We plan to have a limited amount of firewood for the event and will share some.
-Additional firewood may be requested by participants at the MPC office.
-The cost is $40 per truckload. Arrange delivery and payment at the MPC office.

Night Life: We plan to have bonfire near area 11 Friday and Saturday evening. Unfortunately there will be a quiet time from Midnight until 8am. This means no loud noises, singing, drumming, etc. (There were noise complaints from neighbors during and after the fall event, so we need to keep it down a bit to ensure future use of this site.)

Feast: Mountain Pines will host a feast for us on Saturday evening, starting around 7pm in the Club House (Area 13).
Menu: Meatballs, Ham, Fried Chicken, Pork Tenderloin and Hot Dogs; Parsley Buttered Potatoes, Rigatoni w/Sauce, Corn, Green Beans, Baked Beans; Dinner Rolls and Potato Bread Hot Dog Rolls; Carrots, Broccoli and Peppers; Cookies and Cupcakes; Kool-Aid, Sweet Tea, Lemonade and Water

Prohibited: Fireworks, firearms, shooting unpadded arrows and other things you know you shouldn’t do. 

    10am: Troll Opens
    4-8pm: Pickup Fights
    8-11pm: Games at Pavilion
    Midnight-8am: Quiet Time
    9-11am: Weapon Check at Pavilion
    Noon-1pm: Ice Breaker Battles
    1-5pm: Themed Battle Events
    ~7pm: Feast at Pavilion
    Midnight-8am: Quiet Time
    Wake-up, pack and leave
    Noon: Everyone has departed

We look forward to having a great time with everyone who plans to attend this year. Have an enjoyable and safe stay!
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Gates of Fire XI - Additional Information

Postby Erekose of Gestiguiste » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:23 pm

Medics and Security

Emergencies: Contact Troll, Medics or Security. All should be able to contact each other.
Non-Emergencies: Contact Troll, Medics or Security.
Lost and Found: This will be kept with Troll and/or Security.

Medics: The main medic crew will be located at area 3b, in the additional camping area by the Store/Laundry/Game Room.
• Mountain Pines has medical personnel onsite, who can get there much faster than an ambulance and determine if 911 is necessary.
• Only dial 911 if there is a 911-level emergency. Otherwise, let Mountain Pines call for an ambulance.
• Understand that when you dial 911, it will take 20-30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. (See above.)

Security: The security crew will be centrally located at area 11, in the primitive cabin to the right.
• Refrain from calling the police. Only Mountain Pines should call the police and they will if there is a need.
• The overriding purpose of security is to deescalate tense situations. Calm everything down first.
• You may have to deal with a “tough guy” who has had too much to drink. Don’t become the problem.
• Separate arguing parties, contact fellow unit/realm members and/or leaders to assist.
• Document any situations which occur, in case there is some need for follow-up. Get tag numbers, names, etc.
• Contact Mountain Pines security if there is a need.

Gates of Fire: Auction, Prizes and Hats

Coins / Auction: This year green coins and gold coins have equal value! (Not so in the past.)
• Every attendee arriving prior to the auction Friday evening will receive two coins.
• Additional coins may be gambled for, earned or traded for.
• Friday evening there will be an auction around 10pm.
• The items auctioned off will provide the winner with an advantage during fighting the next day.

Prizes / Hats: The hats are quite goofy, but it is pretty obvious if someone has one.
• The person who wins the hat becomes the owner of the hat. They may start every fight/scenario with it.
• They may lend the hat out as they choose, but it remains their property.
• Hats may only be taken off of a dead body with the permission of the dead body with the hat.
• Hats are only good for the event they are won at. You can’t wear one that wasn’t won at the current event.
• You may wear multiple hats and get the advantage of each. (Pink Hats need to be on the outside.)
• Call out the special property of the hat every time the special property is “invoked”. (e.g. Yell “DOUBLE RED!” every time you land a red blow.)

Hat Properties: Each hat gives a specific advantage.
• Red Hat: Any Red hit counts as Double-Red! (One hit breaks shields, may go through armored arm and torso.)
• Blue Hat: Any Blue hit counts as Double-Blue! (One hit goes through armor. May go through unarmored arm and torso.
• Green Hat: Any one-handed Green hit counts as Double-Green! (Pool-cue shots, etc. go through armor.)
• Purple Hat: Any Blue hit counts as Double-Blue and any Red hit counts as Double-Red!
• Pink Hat – Arrow Image: Offers 100% protection from arrows. Be sure to inform archers!
• Pink Hat – Shield Image: Offers 100% protection from shield breaks. Be sure to inform red wielders!
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Gates of Fire XI - Medical Facilities

Postby Erekose of Gestiguiste » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:25 pm

Here is a brief list of nearby medical facilities, compliments of our medical staff:


1. Excela Health-Frick Hospital - Emergency Department
508 S Church St. Mt Pleasant, PA 15666 (~25 minutes NW)
Head NW on 711, W on 31, S on Diamond St, N on Church St
(724) 547-1500

2. Highlands Hospital - Emergency Department
401 E Murphy Ave Connellsville, PA 15425 (~30 minutes SW)
Head SW on 711, N on Breakneck Ave, W on E Murphy Ave
(724) 628-1508

3. Somerset Hospital - Emergency Medical and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Services
2255 Center Ave Somerset, PA 15501 (~30 minutes SE)
Head SE on 31, S on Center Ave
(814) 443-5000

Urgent Care

1. MedExpress Urgent Care - Mt Pleasant
Open 8am-8pm
6396 Route 819 South Mt Pleasant, PA 15666 (~25 minutes W)
Head N 711, N on 31, S on School St Exd, W on 819
(724) 547-3627

2. Shaker Urgent Care and Family - Mt Pleasant
Open 8am-8pm
308 Bessemer Rd Mt Pleasant, PA 15666 (~25 minutes NW)
Head W on 31, S on Breakneck Rd, S on Bessemer Rd
(729) 592-4321

3. MedExpress Urgent Care - Somerset
Open 8am-8pm
1490 N Center Ave Somerset, PA 15501 (~30 minutes E)
Head N on 711, E on 31, N on N Center Ave
(814) 443-4740
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