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House Manticore Shield

by Mephiston Mystic/Christopher Lehr of House Manticore


  • Shield Core (1/2" - 3/4" Plywood, 55 Gallon Plastic Barrel, etc)
  • Camping Pad
  • Duct Tape
  • Leather Strips (for handles)
  • x4 1/4" Bolts - approx 1 1/2" length
  • x4 1/4" Nuts
  • X8 1/4" - 1 1/2" Fender Washers
  • (optional) x4 'T' Nuts in place of regular nuts and only x4 Fender Washers - ask your hardware store.
  • Step One

    Cut Shield Core to desired shape (note: a round core is shown for simplicty sake, however, this method will work for any sheild design).

    Step Two

    Attach Shield Straps to Shield Core. Make sure that you mark where you want to place your straps, drill holes in core and strapping material. Attach straps to core with nuts and bolts.

    If you are using standard nuts and bolts, make sure that the nut is on the face of the Shield. Also, when you have the bolts secured, cut the bolt ends off so that the bolt is not sticking out past the nut.

    Tape over the nuts so that the hardware will not cut into the foam that you will be applying later.

    Step Three

    Cut out foam to the exact size of your shield core. If the foam will not cover the entire surface, tape two pieces of foam together (side by side).

    As you will have to do this for each layer, make sure that the layer seams do not overlap.

    Do this three times.

    After you have the pieces cut, attach them to the shield core. The method I ususally use is just attaching the foam to the core (and each other) with spray glue. All you are attempting to accomplish is to make sure that foam doesn't go any where in the proceding steps.

    You may also use contact cement as well (some prefer this method)

    Step Four

    Place pieces of foam around the edge of the back of the shield. I ususally use 2" wide strips cut into 3" long pieces and tape them inplace around the edge of the shield.

    Step Five

    Cut Long foam strips the width of the side of the shield... i.e. assuming the foam is 1/2" thick as well as a 1/2" thick shield core... 2 1/2" thick strips.

    Use these strips to cover the edges. You will have to splice pieces together to completely cover the shield edge. Again, make sure that there are no overlapping seams.

    Step Six

    Tape the edge foam to the shield core as shown with Duct Tape making sure that that all edge pieces are secured to the center.

    Step Seven

    Do the same on the rear of the shield.

    Step Eight - Final Step

    Cover your shield with Cloth. I prefer to just staple the cloth to the wood portion of the shield. There are others that will use duct tape or go all out and make a shield slip cover with a draw string. It is up to you.