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The Aratari

A History of the Aratari

A madman named Bryan Weise saw the movie "Robin and Marion" while he was reading "Lord of the Rings." Bryan had never heard of "medieval re-enactment," "Live Action Role Playing," or "Dungeons and Dragons." But he wanted to find a way to capture that spirit of adventure that could only come from wielding a sword or bow.

In 1977, he ran ads on Maryland's underground radio station WGTB that said, "Anyone wanting to fight in Hobbit Wars with padded weapons call Bryan at the following number." Bryan became Aratar Anfinhir the Stormbringer. For the first two years, all battles were woods battles; most included a camp-out the night before. Many battles in the first three years included rain or snow, giving power to Aratar's moniker of "Storm Bringer."

As the group began to grow, a madman Elvish scholar named Celemir suggested the name Dagorhir: "Battle Lords."

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