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WEB WIZARDS' NOTE: Please read this carefully.

This site is intended to be a resource for the continued growth and advancement of Dagorhir. The information, pictures and links provided on this site are all meant to further that objective. The emphasis at this site will be on the dark age and fantasy roots of Dagorhir. Dagorhir is the oldest medieval reenactment organization that uses weapons padded with foam to safely recreate medieval combat styles.

The Dagorhir handbook, website, and rules, and promotional materials are provided by permission of the copyright holders and may be downloaded and copied for personal use only. Any Dagorhir participant or Chapter wishing to reproduce and sell copies of this document must request permission to do so by writing to: Dagorhir, 11714 Stonington Place, Silver Spring, MD, 20902. This site contains other copyrighted materials that have been reproduced with the permission of the copyright holders or their designated representatives. No unauthorized reproduction of these materials is permitted. Any questions about these issues should be directed to

Dagorhir® is a registered servicemark of the Dagorhir Battle Game Association, Inc. It may be only be used by permission of the Dagorhir Battle Game association. Dagorhir may be legitimately licensed by member Chapters who agree to and uphold the terms of the licensing agreement.

The submission of photographs, jpegs and gifs from any source are welcome (no copyrighted items, please). Action photos, battles, feasts, and so forth are always welcome. The more information provided about the photographs, the better, including date, realm, event and participants. We ask that you try to identify as many persons in the pictures as possible. However, t-shirts, mundane clothing (except safety equipment) and other such anachronisms will probably not be published as they detract from the integrity of the experience. For more information, see the Photo Gallery

All artwork obtained from external sources is copyrighted by the respective artists. We promote the work of these artists, so if you wish to know where to purchase artwork please write for more information.

This site is produced under the authority of Dagorhir Battle Game Association, Inc., a non-profit recreational organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Maryland.
Dagorhir Battle Games, Inc. accepts no responsibility or legal liability for any injury sustained in Dagorhir or Dagorhir-style recreation, and we insist that all our participants sign legal waivers. Though inspired by Tolkien's works, Dagorhir Battle Games Association, Inc. is in no way affiliated with New Line Cinemas, Tolkien Enterprises or the Tolkien Estate.

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