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Dagorhir's Online Magazine
Dagorhir's Online Magazine


Dagorhir Battle Games
is proud to be a

Over 450 Fighters

at Ragnarok XXI!

The armies gather.  They commit.  Then the fun begins, 
until finally one team is left standing.
Then everyone gets up and does it again, because Dagorhir is totally safe.  
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Castle sieges, mass melee, fun, adventure and excitement! 
Not your usual weekend?  It could be! 
Don't dream it, live it! Click Chapters to find a Dagorhir chapter near you.
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Ragnarok XVIII!
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More pictures of Dagorhir groups and individuals can be located here

Please submit good battle pictures to along with the date and location of the picture, and names of the people in the picture. We'll be happy to post them. Special thanks to Lars Clausen and Tim Burgess for their appreciated contributions.

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230 Fighters at Ragnarok on Monday!!!
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Over 350 fighters by Saturday! 
MinasTirith3_XIX.jpg (112114 bytes) MinasTirith5_XIX.jpg (70408 bytes)

saturday_twoteam5_XIX.jpg (29954 bytes)
Biggest Dagorhir battles ever
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saturday_twoteam7_XIX.jpg (48246 bytes)


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